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Blog 4: Bad day to make a decision?

21st April 2020 in the evening

I had a bad day today- marking student exams all day- by the evening, feeling frayed.

Sent an email to the consultancy saying I’m an academic so I didn’t think I was what they were looking for… also I said:

So to take “400% increase in ‘dream of losing teeth’” There’s a paper published recently in a decent journal that showed that teeth falling out dreams were related to dental irritation (specifically, tension sensations in the teeth, gums, or jaws upon awakening) not to some type of psychological distress.  Whereas one of the universal dream symbol dictionaries websites would probably say something like teeth falling out “means” a personal relationship that’s not going well or some such thing. As to your finding that there’s 400% increase in ‘dream of losing teeth’ could mean that people aren’t visiting the dentist during the lockdown, so there is an increase in dental irritation….But obviously that’s speculative….

I can’t see how that sort of thing about teeth would help them in “growing sales for search and paid media”.

Help! I don’t get it…

I just don’t see how there’s a match between me and them…

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