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Blog 2: The PR consultancy, Google and dreams

20th April 2020

I had an email from a PR consultancy today asking for my comments on a piece they are running on people remembering more elaborate and vivid dreams during lockdown. Their data is from Google searches, for example:

      • 2,450% increase in ‘why am I dreaming about my ex’
      • 600% increase in ‘What does it mean when you dream about falling’
      • 300% increase in ‘What does it mean if you dream about someone’
      • 400% increase in ‘dream of losing teeth’
      • 400% increase in ‘dreams about hair falling out’
      • 140% increase in ‘dream about having a baby’

They said they could showcase my book, which would be good but I don’t know much how about how PR consultancies work so I decided to “sleep on it.”

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